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Title: Life of the Legend: A Year Six Story
Site: Mugglenet Fan Fiction
Rating: PG13
Notes: Written before HBP was released.

TRC May Challenge Update

TRC May Challenge Update


We've changed the submissions process to allow you to enter your stories into a challenge subcategory AND the genre you would normally put your story in.

Also, there is now a 'referred by' space on the registration form.  If you get 5 people to sign up, one of your stories will become story of the week!

Good luck on the May Challenge!

Beautiful Slumber

Ginny reflects on the life and love she's known.

Devil's Advocate

Set in the universe I wrote before book six came out, Hermione and Draco are ill-met by moonlight.

Disregard for Safety

Missing scene in my year six story. Harry finally stops playing the hero and goes with his gut.

Dragons in Fact and Spirit

Charlie Weasley embarks on a new chapter of his life when he applies for a magical creature training camp through PUC. There, he finds himself in a different culture altogether, and thrown into something he's not sure he can handle. On the way, he'll discover a little more about himself, and maybe a little about others.

First Smile

Ginny and McKee have an uncomfortable conversation about romance and Harry Potter. AU, as part of my McKee series.


Fits into the universe I've created in JKR's. Meet the side of McKee she rarely lets show.

Lily's Eyes

What if everyone was quite mistaken, and Lily was not Harry's mother?

McKee's Betrayal

McKee, a well unliked Slytherin, finds a way to return the bad hand she's been dealt by joining the D.A.